Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pottery Addiction! Dark Chocolate anyone?

Howdy Everyone,

In the past several weeks, time was spend at my local Clay studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Its a place where you work alongside seasoned veterans and newcomers to ceramics.  Such a creative and welcoming place to be inspired by those around ya.  

Since September time has been spend at the studio taking a sculpture class with an outstanding ceramic artist Andrea Pichaida and for the past month in the communal studio working on a series of projects.  Many projects are awaiting glazing while tests on glaze combinations are ongoing.  The first glaze firing will occur after Thanksgiving, which of course is unfortunate as I'll be out of town visiting family for a fortnight.

Its been a challenge finding the time to go in the studio among time spend on weaving in home studio, working with kiln glass at Bullseye Glass's Open Studio, which only happens 3-4 times a month.  Not much time, but ohh so addictive and usually a project will take the entire month which only turns out to be 4 days of studio access.  More to come in another post soon. 

In the Clay Studio: 
Projects included the following:
Fiber Art inspired table ware
Fiber Art inspired buttons
Fiber Art inspired Jewelry
Organic Land form inspired vessels with woven element

sneak peek into the green ware and bisque ware that have been made so far.

 Oh dear!  Just realized I forgot while at the studio to get some shots of the plates, platter and dish also produced on Tuesday.  I was running around trying to locate where my little zipper pouch was and totally spaced on the last few while the car was in temporary parking outside.  Don't you feel that time is  rushed these days as the holiday countdown is on.

Wish time would slow down!

More to follow in December so be sure to check back then.

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