Friday, November 10, 2017

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Hello Everyone...

So much has happened in the past six months with its Ups & Downs and now finally I can share some of what has been in the works since last March.  A life change in career and living environment had reared its head again and this time I listened.

In July, my car was packed as well as a cargo trailer.  Honestly I couldn't go through purging of all the materials that are needed in the making of new hand made items.  Most of the items I couldn't part with were fabrics and yarn and of course art tools/equipment that are needed in the studio.  The plan was to actually live and work out of a vintage camper trailer.  Well, it didn't last long before "Blueey", my car was worn down from the weight of the camper.  Turns out the camper weighed way more than the 1400 lbs that it was advertised on ebay.  I can't believe bought it on ebay, my first time actually so sue me!!!  Anyways long story short after just three weeks of being a PROUD Camper owner, I sold it to another adventure seeking couple.

Luckly for my sanity I was able to relocate all the materials and supplies that couldn't walk away from into a storage unit.  Thanks to many people who gave support in that trying time.  Its been really appreciated.  Anyways, the materials such as yarn was put to work creating new tapestries for display in three shows, La Veta, Colorado festival in August, LANA: A Fiber Experience in Arroyo Seco, NM and Aldea Community Art Show in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Its been a whirlwind and still caught up in its crazy dance.  However, things are finally starting to slow down where I can start to breathe again.  Here's some photos from this past summer

Hello NEW MEXICO... I'm back.... 

Just Crossed over into NEW MEXICO south of Durango, Colorado.  Me, BLuey and EVA (the camper)... alas it was sweet while it lasted.  

More fibers... roving anyone? 

 New works created at the start of summer.  Minnesota to New Mexico.  My little escape from the daily grind. 

Need I say more... the SKY in New Mexico is out of this world.  I just  had to return.  

Ohhh yummy.. French Toast  for breakfast. 

Me and these two cutie pies... my housemates you could say.  Next to me is BUSTER and His sister Fiona.   Buster is an awesome dude and fiona is a princess... and i mean that in a good way.  lol

These cuties.. were at the Taos Wool Festival the first weekend of October, which is where i spend two hours wandering and getting my fiber fix before heading back to Arroyo Seco for the LANA: A Fiber Experience where I was one of the demonstrators for Contemporary Free style Tapestry weaving.  Aren't they adorable.  hmmmm

Of course what Can I say about OMI... He's a great Night Watchman... I housesat for this alpha feline the first weekend in September to get my feet wet with the Trusted Housesitters gig.  I did have a lil mishap but all ends well.  I just enjoyed the time I spend with him.  All MUSCLE this guy.  

Here are some photos from La Veta, Colorado Festival August 12 & 13, 2017

Heres a piece that I was working on while attending the Festival.  This tapestry above sold a month later at the Aldea Community Art Show on October 21, 2017.  It was one of my one of a kind piece with a new idea I happened to take with the presentation aspect.  Photo Below is the back of the weaving before the finishing of the tapestry happens, all loose ends ended up being woven into the tapestry.  No wonder I called these my "Textile WindChimes"  

Finished tapestry with its new take on framing!  love that branch.. so organic and worn smooth by the environment. 

Road trip back south to Santa Fe, NM... I passed five rainbows that day... Felt like a blessing.  

I have a ton more photos to share with you'all so look forward to another post coming up this weekend... 

What shall you see... Spring or Summer?  
hmmm most likely.... SPRING,  BALI was a life changing experience that made me realize we only have one chance at life so lets get living not just existing.  Check back to see all the wonderful things Bali has to offer.  These are just some of the things I got to experience. 

P.S.   heres my new online shop with four tapestries available for sale.  

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