Friday, December 1, 2017

Dreaming of the Midwest tapestry

 Second night in town, retreating for the evening to find someone made themselves at home in my duffel bag!  

What a surprise... Mainly since Nicky has been reminding me of Garfield so I never considered when I left the bag on the bed that he'll land in it. 

It never ceases to amaze me that fur baby Nicky still feels a bond to me despite me living out of state for the past two and half years.  
I have missed this guy a TON!  

First up... A journey overseas for a year or more to develop some new work inspired by the landscapes in OZ and the land of Kiwis and hopefully some other locales.  

Since being in Bali last spring, theres been an sense of yearning building inside of me that has been pulling me towards a longer adventure or stay in other lands.  The inspiration from being surrounded by talented and creative individuals and groups has lit a fire in me that refuses to be put down so its time to listen to the yearnings of dreams and follow its path to where ever it may lead me.  

Shadows play a large part in my life.  For some reason I'm drawn to Shadows, maybe since the sun is leaving a piece of something else behind.  There's always a story attached to every single shadow and sometimes every shadow has several stories like multiple dimensions.  My flights of fancy likes to take me on journeys into my vast imagination coupled with fairy folktales and lore.  So many films have influenced my sense of the whimsy that I'm hungry to discover more. 

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