Friday, April 20, 2018

April Weaving Textures Workshops

Hello Fiber Lovers,

This upcoming week, Celtic Spiral Designs will have three workshops available to individuals who love fibers or is interested in exploring the medium of weaving.  

These workshops will be on Thursday April 26th, Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th.  Duration of workshop will be from 10am to 5pm with a half hour for lunch.  

Check out the short video below which is posted on Facebook and Instagram for Celtic Spiral Designs

All materials provided are yours to take home... 

            • Ashford loom (13" x 9")
            • cotton warp thread
            • yarn 
            • wool roving
            • tapestry needle
            • dowel
            • cotton tote bag to carry home all your goodies
There are enough yarn for an additional weaving or two.  
Each workshop is limited to 10 spaces so grab it while you can.  

While you debate on whether or not its something you'll like to invest in or not... check out my instagram for more photos of what you will explore in this workshop.  

You will explore the various ways of weaving the soumak, plain, basket, box weave and more.  Rya knots serves two purposes in weaving... creating textures and also fringe.  

So much fun!  Come join us... 
You can get a ticket by heading here

Close up of the textures made in a weaving shown below

Another woven wall piece made on a Ashford Loom

This woven wall hanging is made on a circle loom. 
You can see a lot of the different textures that make up this beauty. 

One of my latest works made on the small BEKA loom

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Artisan Market at the Railyard!

This past Sunday was a day in my new role as a vendor!  
So exciting!  

Even though I only sold one item, the experience was educational and informative.

I first arrive just pass 8 in the morning to set up my booth.  As I was locating my booth with the organizer of the market, it was inspiring to observe how others worked to set up their booths for the day.  By the time it was 10:08 I was already kinda exhausted but the energy in the market from the vendors to the visitors was full of positive vibes and interest in the works for sale.  

Here are some photos from my booth at the Santa Fe Railyard Artisan Market.  
This market happens only on Sundays and other similar market also happens on Saturday during the same day as the farmers market a few yards down the road on opposite side of the railroad tracks.  

flyers for weaving workshops for both beginners and intermediate weavers as well as any weavers wanting to share their love of weaving with friends.

Here's my little grid panel tower with woven art on display 
along with woven art key fobs and tassels.  

It didn't quite hit me at first that how I set this up ended up costing me 3 additional panels of wall space to exhibit more woven work.  

My next show on the 29th of April, the booth set up will be redesigned to show more woven art hangings as well as my larger pieces.  As I had no choice but to laid it on the table which doesn't help to draw attention to it.  Wall hangings need to be place on a vertical wall space or hanging from something so check back on the 30th of April to see new photos of my second day at market. 

large woven piece "Snowy Arroyo Seco" was displayed on the table.

Along with the woven tapestries and other works were flyers of weaving workshops at two locations happening in the next two months.  Espanola and Taos for end of April and May respectively.

If interested in taking a workshop in either April or May... go to
Just wow... almost forgot to include a photo of a weaving that was done during the market when time was slow.  

Cheers.. till next time

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