Saturday, November 11, 2017

Creating Textured Buttons in the Studio

Trying out an idea to create purses or mini bags from the tapestries I pull from the looms.  These are seriously CUTE!  The fibers are amazing and now i'm facing the issue of making these bags close.  So a fabric bag will be sewn up and inserted inside but also the handle will be reworked.  I'm in love with this.. So soft, light and airy but also cozy to hold.  

ohhh LOVE these textures.  I used some stamps I got over ten years ago at Stampin' Cat in Salem, Oregon. 
They used to be for paper art but now for ceramics for its amazing details.  The glaze is gonna be GOOD!!

These babies just came out of the kiln this week... now ready for glazing. 
The clay is Dark Brown and I've always thought of it as my Dark Chocolate Clay and is Cone 10. 
It'll be fired again and the unglazed portion of the clay will show up DARKISH YUM YUMS

 Greenware buttons and napkin rings? or woven Pendant?  Its looking good... should be ready for the first firing.  

close up of buttons with holes in place.  Its gonna be awesome.  Can't wait to return to Studio and glaze these babies. 

Finally got the opportunity to play with my new camera lens for iPhone. 
Ohhh wow.. Macros lens is AWESOME in catching the details.
This image above captures the rya knots in the "bush" details.

Aren't these fibers lucious?

and this one...

And this one.. ohhh boy i'm in love all over again.  

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