Saturday, March 10, 2018

"Organic Delights" progress part 2

Howdy folks!

Yesterday I ended up taking a break from weaving after sore and aching shoulders threw a fit!  Saturday afternoon saw renewed energy as I started added to the blooming flower outwards with a nice aqua green and DEEP green outline.  Its a nice contrast!  

After feeding the girls Lucy and Coco, finally started added more background  from the outer circle inwards plus a coolish yellow shapes.  Not sure yet if its part of the flower itself or flowers in the background.  We shall let the weaving decide.  

Browse the through the photos showing today's progress.  


Added aqua green shapes around the central design... seems to be taking shape as petals

close up of the petals taking shape

SO MUCH YUMMY textures.. 

Cool Yellow petal shapes unfolding outwards!
Two types of Soumak weaves

ITS really starting to take shape

Next time you see this piece it'll be finished and ready to upload to CelticSpiralDesign Shop on Big Cartel.  

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