Thursday, March 8, 2018

Organic Delight in Progress

I am loving how this weaving is turning out.  

As promised here are some updates of the weaving in progress.  

I'm calling it "Organic Delight"!  

Because it has been a delight to weave so far.  
The name may change depending on the evolution of the piece.  

Silk strips woven into the warp.  Used two techniques... plain weave and soumak weave!

Thursday afternoon weaving session outdoors enjoying the NICE weather
It took me a month after acquiring the "loom" to get it underway.  
I started this piece about a week ago today and still have more work underway.  

When I started this it was with the intention of adding yarn bombs via Pom Poms.  Now I'm uncertain how this will unfold as now I can't quite see it happening.  I can't say it won't happen as you can never predict how a piece will turn out.  

So for now...  I plan to just enjoy the journey in the making of this piece.  


You can see the progression of the different textures and weaving techniques that has been added. 
I'm loving it 

Ain't this looking somewhat like a sunflower?  Ahhh

adding RYA Knots which get shaped soon afterward. 


had some company in the form of LUCY and COCCO... 

Its taking shape slowly but surely.
TUNE IN tomorrow to see how its evolved over 24 hours.  

I'm inviting comments of a name for this piece so comment away over the next few days.  

See ya soon
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