Monday, March 26, 2018


Contemporary Tapestry Weaving workshop
 was held at Vortex Yarns this past Saturday, March 24th in Taos, New Mexico. 

As there was just the two of us in today's workshop.
I also did a weaving for additional inspiration of the possibilities. 

With a workshop of more than five this wouldn't be possible. 
But then there would be four other sources of inspiration working side by side.

Trimming the Rya Knots pile into a shape/form after weaving several rows to hold the rya knots into place. 
pushing the wefts into place. 

If you like the look of the warp which is the vertical thread showing then you can leave it alone.  However loose weft will make the textile piece more easy to come apart. 
In the end It's basically a style decision made by the artist.

Lately I have been tempted to let some of the warp show as I liked the look of the woven piece.  Again its up to each individual what their piece will look like.  

Almost there... a little bit more
Throughout the workshop I took shots to show the progress of the weaving as it grew. 
However it took till we were halfway through to  remember to document the progress.
Why? you may ask.. cuz we are having too much fun weaving!
Say hello to our newest participant... He's a bit shy at the moment.
creating loops at the top...
This is one of two ways of creating loops
This technique creates an inviting texture that is sure to be a pleasure to view.


Cutie modeling the finished woven art
Proud Peeps showing off her finished woven wall hanging.  Its her very first time she has done a weaving.  Pleased as punch.  
Workshop signage outside Vortex Yarns in Taos, New Mexico

The day was relaxing and exciting at the same time as a new work was being woven on the looms. 
But did you also know that there was the March For Our LIVES event also happening!  Dang and I didn't get the memo. 

Overall a wonderful sunny and warm day. 
Coming back from a nearby bakery cafe as I walked in the sunshine the thought "Why not have a workshop outdoors!!!"  DUH... that would be totally awesome but need to be sure we have SHADE and plenty of water.

Our next workshop here at Vortex Yarns will be May 26th, Saturday from 10-4pm. 
Check out my online shop for details

If you can't make it to May's workshop in Taos...

Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center
Espanola, New Mexico
There will have three workshops the last weekend of April.

Thursday, April 26
Friday, April 27
Saturday, April 28

Hours: 10 am - 4:30pm

Online shop

Everyone in the workshop takes home a weaving loom, warp thread, yarn, tapestry needle and a bag to hold everything. 

Along with their finished woven wall hanging masterpiece

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