Sunday, March 18, 2018

Organic BLOOMs into being!

Its taken two weeks and some days from seed to Bloom!  
I have wondered if the progress of weaving this woven oval wall hanging would be fruitful.  While spending time working on this piece, a lot of thoughts have popped up as well as times when the repetitive motions calmed the hectic thoughts roaming around in my head.  

The more I weave the more I find myself becoming centered. Without the motions of working with fibers my thoughts have been all over the place.  
Just like the weather today being almost a stormy cloudy winter day with rain splattering upon the earth.  

I'm currently cozy inside a cafe after having drunk a small triple latte and watching a korean drama, while also wondering if the oval piece is complete or not.  

The constant whirl of thoughts amid this spring day which has been taken back by winter is a torment.  

While winter in New Mexico was mild at the start of the season, it's grip has tighten as a last dish effort to hold close the wintery season.  My spirit at present is struggling to regain some life in this chill, meanwhile my soul yearns for the warmer climates which appears as a mirage to taunt my deep need of the warmth of springtime.  

new life seen on a walk two days ago.

In pondering upon plans of action, eyes stare unseeing out at winter snowstorm and bare tree limbs while the wind dances and sprints around.  The mind is at war with the outside world with its cold kiss via winds of fate.  

Anyhow... Its time to come full circle with the woven Oval wall hanging to end its dance with winters touch. 

Organic Woven Wall Hanging
In the first week of weaving this piece, it felt like it had the spirit of "Organic Delights" however in the past week it seems to have shed that feel.  
What name shall this piece be given? 

Looms have been prepped for the next series of weavings.  Having visions of a patchwork of textures and colors being attached with blanket stitches.  Hmmmm 

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