Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First Grade fishes

Just grown fishes came into being today with our lovely excited first graders for their second class this year.  They learned scissor safety and how to cut on the line.  All did a fab job at this.  I couldn't be more proud of these kids who just graduated from kindergarten last June.... wow.. 

The Art room has a new addition to our clean up routine and that is... drum roll.... a DRUM  
They all  listened with intense eye contact as the criteria and rules for earning the pleasure of playing the Drums for our Clean up routine this year.  

Next up for these lovely fish will be to add COLOR... lots and lots of color and they will find their home in a mural in the hallway of NH! 

Catch ya later

OHHH My.. 

Here are the final pixs of the adorable fishes.. 
Just added the blue for the water in the fish bowl.   Background is getting silver and white line designs.  Now we are ready for the fishes... where are ya? 

Ohhh Hello... welcome to your new home!  These are adorable critters who brighten up the otherwise bland and boring hallway leading to the Art Studio.  Has it really been one year ??  wow.. miss these cuties. 

Designs almost done... 

Alrighty Now.. Let's PAR-TYYY
Inspired by "You be You" by Linda Kranz
1st Graders 
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