Thursday, February 15, 2018

Weaving Magic starts in the morning

How's everyone Valentine's Day go?  I spend the day weaving away and finishing up two prior mini weavings.  It was a mediative day in the weaving magic.  In the evening, was a marathon drama fever binge of a new show.

Finished weaving... soon off the loom 
Progress images... from mid January to February 14th... 

Check out the following images I took of my progress using a new source of material for my weaving plus a new texture technique called loops which took me awhile to figure out how to achieve.  

This tapestry was started about a month ago and finally completed the 2nd half of the tapestry just yesterday.  

Loop texture at top right... my recent discovery thanks to Natalie Miller & Chiaki O'Brien
They have been wonderful teachers and mentors in person and online...  Thank you!

       Overall, I'm quite happy with it.  Its a organic landscape filled with textures.  
    In place of clouds there is a golden roses superimposed...  It's like a dreamscape.  

I found the lace trimmings on sale at Hobby Lobby as the color/texture tugged at my spirit so here it is in its new forever home.  
close up of lace roses trimmings

Lace Rose Trimmings... I'll be using this in the future for "DreamScapes" 

The new additions at top are my loopy loops which took some time to figure out how to do.  Plus the Lace Rose Trimmings for the "DreamScape" surrealism element for the landscape tapestry.  I love to mix 2-3 visual layers to create a surrealism dream or mirage.  This just fits so well. 

Due to some technical issues, I wasn't able to post anything new for the past two days with Blogger. Finally the issues resolved itself.  So happy as I wanted to share my work with you all.  Enjoy!

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