Sunday, February 18, 2018

Newest Weaving class Flyer in Progress

Howdy All...

Just in the progress of creating a flyer to post around town in Santa Fe, Espanola, and Taos.  Would love to hear what you think. Since leaving the teaching field to make a go as an working artist and workshop instructor theres been a bit of a learning curve to making it work.

One things I've been struggling with is getting the word out there for those individuals who would be interested in taking up weaving or learning a new craft or technique.  I'm always on the lookout for new experiences and techniques which will benefit my own practice as an artist. 

Since Timing is very subjective and personal for each of us, I've decided to try and see how making my business more flexible in terms of scheduling workshops or private classes for those creatives interested in learning while in town.  Theres much going on in Santa Fe and sometimes finding out about it is usually too late as it already happened. 

So hopefully this will assist us in making contact.  
contact judy for more details via

P.S.  If you think of anything else that could make this flyer even better, drop me line here in comments.  

Cheers for now,  

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Judy Harney said...

Thanks to a friend of mine who pointed out the missing email address... so now its been added. Thanks Kaya