Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Prepping for next Tapestry

For the past few days skeins beyond skeins of yarn have been winded into small balls for both future workshops but also for future woven works.  
I say works as I never know what it'll turn into... say wall hanging, woven bag, woven sculptures, and more. 

My mind is forever inventing new possibilities but the logistics can take awhile to figure out how to make it successful. 

I've been doing some research into other materials for the warping process but also for backings of woven pieces.  Reinforce mesh panels.. hmmm would make a wall piece that much easier to hang but also keep in one form.  Most weavings I've done can be rolled or wrapped and unfolded when on display.  Now my excitement of these new possibilities have me motivated to experiment to see which suits my vision most.  Just one kind of fiber arts product is limiting so more the merrier!

Some yarn balls I've winded today and yesterday in a box.  
Winded small balls of yarn from skeins of merino wool, wool, churro wool and more. 
Yes You've might have noticed that they are warm tones of the red family. 
Preparing for a new work means a day or more of getting the yarn ready to use as I hate stopping what I'm doing to wind a select color into a ball.  Tomorrow I can start weaving some new dreams into being. 

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