Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday mania!!!

Ended my trip to Taos with some shots of the snow covered mountains in the distance.  
Howdy everyone!  Its been a long day already and its not even four in the afternoon.  I headed out early to Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center for my first New Mexico Tapestry Weaving workshop I was teaching.  While getting no bookings online I still had hope that someone will show up last minute to take a workshop at 10 in the morning.  

walking loom in the front window as well as an old antique spinning loom as well.  Happy Valentines 

A gorgeous Mural on the side of the building depicting the history and culture of Northern New Mexico weaving traditions.

Giving it an hour just in case the workshop event happened to be a GO... I waited till 11 am before calling it a day.  In the one hour Twilight zone.. I met some interesting people at EVFAC who included experienced weavers and beginners alike.  It seems winter is NOT a GOOD time to host a workshop as it's cold, and its Friday and there is SNOW on the mountains.  

So in optimistic spirit, left some postcards and business cards at the center just in case someone happened to visit from out of town or state for the weekend.  Fingers crossed... 

With that done.  It was time to make more progress with workshop promotions for Taos, New Mexico which is about 45 minutes north so I headed there and visited an amazing yarn shop called Vortex yarns!  Oh my just ended up purchasing some additional white roving that is SO SOFT it was irresistible to resist.  
Vortex Yarn shop hours... Finally hit pay dirt with the shoppe being open while I was in town.  I've missed my chances the last few trips up north. 

An "Water Mark" exhibit in Vortex Yarn showing works by Eliza Wapner.  I'm in love with some of these pieces.  Just amazing feels so cozy and fragile yet STRONG... If you're in Taos stop by and check them out.

Here's an excerpt from the Artist's Statement~

This series uses natural dyes to create color and pattern on the work you see hanging.  These pieces explore water's impact on fabric and color- without water's forceful yet subtle touch, none of this work would be possible.  I use this process as almost a meditation- by using natural materials, i render myself at will to nature's time, causing me to slow down and be patient with a process and its organic outcomes.  This work explores the shared narrative of fabric and nature. 

yarn and more yarns

part of an installation piece titled "Good Luck"

If you wanna take a weaving workshop this weekend... Saturday February 17th from 10-5 click here to go straight to listing for workshop.  

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