Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lost in the world of Digital Media...

Digital Media City... The city of the future where technology is key!

Hey everyone!  It's been one of those days that don't quite go as planned.  

Started my day with the usual breaks fast but didn't follow my usual plan of writing things down.  So I started out with the plan to head south to "Happy Quilts" store where I've heard they have tremendous variety of fabrics.   Let when I got on the metro I ended up going the wrong direction.  So had to drop that plan as it would take two hours to arrive and since I know myself with fabric.  I need at least 3 hours or more to look around from what I've read about Happy Quilt.   

So happy quilts is off the table for the day.   Considering my options my eyes wandered and noticed digital media city. Of course for some reason my mind is saying digital media center.  Lol. Oh boy. 

Anyways. Here are some photographs that I took of the public art installations.  

Here's some of the art fences made from the construction materials as the Digital Media City buildings are being built..  But wow. I enjoyed seeing what they came up with.  

This is where I crossed the street to find my way around...

OMG...  Ants are here and they are HUGE... There's swarms of them all over and just marching along.  I thought this was genius. Scare people into keeping the area clean of trash.  

Seems to be a huge mural or something. There are balls of string or something.  Various sizes.  Here's some more shots. 

Some kind of design that uses line to create patterns. Just gave me an idea of what I could do for an art piece after drawing them.  String art for the fiber studio center.  There's a name for it but it's avoiding my grasping handle. M...Mandalas??  Hmm. It'll return when my mind is calm again.  

Here's one from my sketchbook

Some more quick shots of the public art that caught my eye.  The buildings are fabulous too but they make for another post in the archecture of Seoul.  

Ciao for now.  Catch you later. Got that Happy Quilt Place to get to early tomorrow morning.  Metro will take two hours to get there.   Will share my findings in a fabric post coming your way shortly this weekend. 

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