Thursday, June 4, 2015

Itaewon wanderings on a Thursday...

After a long day of commuting south to Seoul from Dongducheon, checking into a guesthouse and meeting up with a new  friend who is a fellow art teacher and spending a few hours getting to know a few new friends at Seoul Foreign School. When the clock struck 8:45 I knew it was time to start back to my temporary Adobe in Itaewon.  Instead of taking the bus I found myself walking aimlessly in a northerly direction till it became apparent I needed to head south. 

genius... I really enjoyed the walk and after several misses on locating a coffee shop in order to recharge my ever disappearing battery level on the phone, lucked out on locating a Bene coffee shop near a metro station.  Yay. Also it's in the hub of one of the Universities in Seoul.  

No battery equals no pictures!  

Anyhow that made for a late start to my Thursday so my tuckered out feet had a rest.  After a slow start to my morning at Hollys coffee shop... Here's a night view of Hollys.  Four floors of prime viewing space and space to chat... My partner was a magazine I was given the previous night. 

Anyways, after enjoying a relaxing few hours I headed out to check out Leem

Yay. Found it.  Had to walk a bit further up to locate the entrance to the museum 

Yay. Found it...  Pretty nice front entrance.  Loving the brown wooden facade with steel fonts.  Gorgeous if you ask me.  

I wasn't able to take pictures inside but here's a few from outside.  
Coming out and you can sort of see the LED of numbers on the ground.   Pretty cool. 
One of the outdoor installations.  Will be checking it out up close tomorrow.  

Wow.  This is a very cool place.  A music store/cafe etc... And here's some views to be found here.  

I'm kinda a sucker for these rooftop homes. Just imagine the views they offer up.  Wow.  

Here's a closeup of the wall that is two or three floors high... And a bit further back you can see a photograph of people. 

Street art or graffiti can be found in u lily places.  Such a happy joyous vibe here

Tried to capture the feel of these wooden frames that make gray shadow boxes.  However something was happening so I didn't stick around to see. Maybe a music video or something like that. I wouldn't be surprised.  It's an awesome space. 

I so LOVE this.  Gotta apply this idea to my home but also I. The art room someday.   Could turn out to be a creative brain teaser.  Haha

My view after climbing the steps.  Yikes.  Almost "home".  Just spied this sight.  A car hanging in the air! It's not going anywhere anytime soon. Well night you all. 

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