Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Changing of the adobe...

Howdy folks...

Just had a changing of the adobe so to speak today.  Went from Itaewon foodie capital to a more quiet residential area in the Map-gu district.  It was touch lugging my wheeled luggage around but managed to make it in one piece.  

Bye Itaewon,  it's been nice knowing you as a neighbor.   Thanks SP Questhouse for hosting my stay for two weeks.  

After a challenging trek across town via subway with heavy luggage it was past one in the afternoon.  
Arrived to a nice Korean BBQ lunch which was my first meal of the day.  Had a nice cup of cafe latte earlier after posting off a small package I. Order to lighten my load. No such luck... In the lighting of the load.  

Anyways here's some pics of my second temporary Adobe in Seoul for June.  
Garden House Guesthouse... Love the smaller location and its hidden behind a iron gate.   
 Setting the table for Korean BBQ as the rain started.  Delicious!  

Nighty night all.   See you bright and early.  

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