Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday afternoon at the Museum

After enjoying a delish brunch of waffle with gelato with a latte, time was marching on so up and hopped on the metro subway to take a walk to Han River... 

Yes Han River in Seoul...  Lots of recreational parks for the public to enjoy with activities from hiking, biking and fishing if you prefer.  Anyways as I was leaving the station there was an exit leading to the National Museum of Korea.  So it didn't take me a mind blowing second to head that way as it's pretty darn hot outside and this gal here wasn't in the mood to turn into a sauna soaked human figure outside.  

Ohh blessed... The Museum is HUGE!!!
Wow... It's gorgeous.  

Okay... I went in to see the Polish art exhibition.  These works were amazing.  We were allowed to take some photos but no flash or tripod allowed.  Here are some of my favorites..

Ignore the glare if that's what it is.  
"The Breath"

The children's museum... I really enjoyed visiting this one as it's very hands on for the kids and adults can have some fun too.  Puzzles, hands on activities for the kids to learn about how things were done years ago. 

Some favorites... Okay I admit almost all are my favorite. 

Architecture of Korean buildings...  I admit to a fascination with their roofs. Sue me. Here's more... I didn't want to take pictures of kids in order respect their privacy and also their families.  

A working KILN... I wish.  It's a model of what ceramic kilns looked like in the old days and maybe still around today.  You can kinda seen inside to how they stacked up the pottery to be fired.  

How merchants or sales people weighted and measured things back in the day!  

Little displays of weaponry and more.  

Here's the construction center to build a house or building.  I loved this and just watching the kids work it out was awesome.  

Here's a peek into a room under construction that'll open soon. But the clouds are my favorite so just had to take a picture!!

The next installment of the National Museum of Korea will be posted shortly.  

These museums are free to the public with the exception of the Polish Art Exhibition!  

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