Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Wow... Finally got back into it today! This is a Rolleiflex camera, one of many cameras that I own since I am a camera hound since college days. Tonight, I just kept staring, staring and staring at the Rolleiflex for over two hours while watching television and eating dinner. Finally I just told myself to get on with it since obviously it had my focus 110%. Can you believe I painted and missed the "BIGGEST LOSER" while it was on in front of me? Yeah.. i couldn't believe myself. But finally something that had my complete focus and the internal motivation to actually paint something that made me forget how tired I was.

My narrative is mostly for myself as a journal. So I am basically talking to myself as i post my work up! Some things very clear to me yet I can miss it! Painting with Acrylic so different than working with my favorite medium, Soft Pastels. I wish to work in soft pastels but they would be difficult to display in a hallway of a high school without a glass barrier between the viewer and the artwork.

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