Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Beginnings


It has been close to two weeks since my last painting. The 40/40 challenge for my students has gartered no interest for the duration of 40 paintings in 40 days. I will be bringing this challenge up with my new students for spring semester, which just started last week. Hence, wrong timing!

As for me, I am going to start experimenting with oils for the next month. Hopefully will produce a painting each day with one day off a week. Part of the reason for my little break from painting, was a little viral infection which laid me low for close to two weeks.

Size will remain 5 by 7 inches on multimedia art board. I have done some research into small paintings by reading several painting books which focused on OILS... I'll photograph them instead of scanning due to the properties of oil. I'll continue to work with acrylics to develop my techniques and style with the medium.

Hope to read some feedback from anyone who cares to offer any!

Bon Appetite.


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