Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is day 3, I started out strong with this painting but ended up overdoing it. The black fabric appears gray under the reflected light and turned out to be my undoing. The shadow half of the pear also give me some problems with blending the colors with acrylic retarder. This is a new medium for me and I am learning how to work with it. I always want my painting to be smooth not rough and yet this happened when I overdid the layering of glazes in the fabric and the shadow area of the pear.

Could be I was already tired when i started this painting and that happened to affect my focus! still there are areas i like, such as the background and the top half of the pear. So good job half way.

Tip: try to find ways to work in any situation, tired or alert!


katie said...

more succesful than the previous two paintings, especially the composition, but nice, very nice

judyirene said...

Thanks Kate

Much appreciated... I know the other two attempts i cropped out part of the subjects in both and it felt out of balance.

Fannie said...

Hi, Judy Irene. Thanks to DeBee's blog, I'm here.

I understand your feelings about creating when you're tired. You sure are a committed artist. Nice works of art. Thanks for sharing your process.

Judy Irene said...


Thanks for vote of confidence! Still working out a plan of action so the painting process goes smoothly. Still learning as I go.