Thursday, January 24, 2008

cactus still life

Wow... i actually made it through my fourth night! I almost didn't paint tonight since i was feeling like of blah and tired. But found my subject and a green silky fabric on which to place my cactus. I liked the greens that show up and the pot was glossy white, which gave me the opportunity to try my hand at painting smooth reflections. Let me know what your impressions are!

I started out making it really smooth and close to the end, I ran out of the acrylic retarder and went with water to thin down the paint... so not too bad. The lights so far have been the living room ceiling lights for the last three paintings. It helps with being able to see. I'll need to paint during the daylight hours on the weekends to see how that goes. I am sure it'll be a different experience and my energy is sure to be higher.

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