Sunday, April 15, 2018

Woven Organic Circles are blooming!

 You ever have one of those days that surprises you in hindsight? Well I have had several days lately where my muse has taken my weaving into a alternative direction.  Don't ask me i have no clue how that happened.

While working on another tapestry, I got inspired to create another organic woven tapestry and you can take a little stroll through the progress of the journey of weaving this jewel.  The symbol that inspired this gem is the SPIRAL.  The meaning held within the word SPIRAL contains memories of life everlasting and constant.  For me memories, impressions and more the sense that fate is ever present in our daily journeys through life by letting you catch a glimpse of something that could be fated or already passed or would occur in the future.  So that motion you can visually sense in the shape of the spiral is that inner path in our pysche.

Anyways.. enjoy the images
woven frame wrapped with churro wool and hand stitched

the second step of prepping the warp of the loom. 

 photo signature_zps115f75f1.png

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