Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter Weaves ABOUNDS

TRUNK SHOW at Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco on December 23rd, 2017
While not many showed up due to lack of snow on Taos mountains it was a memorable weekend.  Bonfire, delicious eatery next door and Taos ice cream.  So good...  

 Many photographs of my weavings from 2017... just one from 2015.
The majority of the weavings were made in 2017 last year and a few woven in this new month of January in the new year 2018.  

Some other items at the TRUNK show were my kiln glass Necklaces.  
River Creek is the inspiration behind the designs.  

I love nature and all natural landforms and elements such as 
fire, wind, water and earth.  

Several new works alongside these pendants were two sculpture pieces which I'll show in the next posting as its still in progress.  

Within the tree miniature weavings danced in the wind among the branches.  

This above weaving with violet and pink silk fringe was the first weaving from 2015.  
All other weavings were made in 2017 after a life affirming retreat in Bali.  Making the decision to devote the rest of my days to fiber arts as a working artist and instructor has been the best decision of my life so far.  

These following images were from the first two weeks of January where I experimented with weaving using a vine wreath as the loom and frame.  Interesting and while it was a fun challenge the flexible give of the vines made the warping a challenge to weave the weft.  

Meet Kuzu, one of the sisters I dog sat for for 2 weeks!  
This girl is such a darling.  

In January so far, saw the start of this woven wall hanging 
using a limited color palette of white, green, gray and a neutral warp.  
I love wool roving for its softness and its lushness.  
The lushness is wonderful for the clouds and snow elements in my landscapes.  

Creating new FRINGE design 

 New miniatures came forth in January up in the mountains beyond Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
More weavings to come in the next few days from Taos, New Mexico

See ya in a few

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