Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter Sitting Tales

These past two months have been a tale of FurSITs with some of the most adorable critters alive.  

Around Christmas time, my life was made more interesting with the addition of sisters!  
Kuzu and Muji... 

Seriously can you take how cute those names are.  ohh my... 
Walks on the arroyo river trail along a scenic river trail which is undergoing some extensive improvement to beautify the nature and expand walking, biking and hiking paths for both cyclists, and walkers along the trail.  New Plants are being added and the design of the landscape is amazing from what can be seen from the road.  
Theres still much work to be done but when its done it's gonna be the highlight of the parks and recreation department. 

Here are some photographs from my walks with the girls.  

More photos to come from further walks as I explore more in depth.  

Each walk with the girls were never repeated the same. 
 They love to change things up so they can snuff to their hearts content.  
Kuzu by the way is the most ALPHA when it comes to spending time in one place, she'll inhale everything about a spot on the trail.  
Gonna love them as they make nature more interesting wondering just what happened in a spot a while ago, Who was here?  what were they doing?  What does it smell like?  oh lord.. cross that.. i don't wanna know!  
They act like they found the best thing since sliced bread when its nothing.   

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