Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Carlsbad Cavern Magic in Southern New Mexico

at Carlsbad Caverns

The wonder as you walk through the hallowed halls of the cavern was magical.  
The light seen are from the light brought in to showcase the formation of the cavern.  
Its used to be filled with natural springs underground but these pools of water has slowly disappeared due to climate changes among other things. 

I have to admit to a secret yearning of living among these caverns.  
It's so mysterious and beautiful.  
However LIGHT would have to be brought down and installed and I'm not sure I want my impact to be felt if it'll bring damage to these beautiful caverns.  

However, Very TEMPTED indeed to make a home in one of these caverns. 

So many beautiful and timeless images while exploring the cave.  I haven't walked through even 20% of what is out there deep underground.  Can't wait to return during summer when the caverns provide a welcome respite from the heat of the day.  

You must sense by now how captivated I was enthralled in its beauty that time was slipping away.  

All photographs were taken on my iPhone SE and the battery was running out. 
 So much yet to film...

All images are in color but they give a sense of timelessness with its sepia hues.  
I love Antique photographs.  If I had a film camera with me that day, I wouldn't get half the photos as I still had to delete alot due to blurriness. 

Even though a few have a sense of blurriness to the eye, the softness of the focus gives its timeless quality along with the nice balance of white, grays and blacks.  I'm not an Ansel Adams but I can respect the man for his perfection.  I go more by a sense of feeling or aura in my images.

another thing that I share with you here, is that while walking and exploring and lagging behind others.  I become lost to the present and transported back to prehistoric times where supernatural creatures exist.  
Many times I had the sense of being in ancient being's presence.  
I thank their spirits for its willingness to share its sacred place with me. 

Now here are two of the works inspired by my time in the caverns. 
These pieces have yet to be completed... will post the final images when done. 
Yet to be titled

WORK #2 

I'm excited to see how the piece transform with the addition of the wind/fiber elements.  Stay tuned!
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