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Summer Workshops updated

Happy Saturday Everyone

Here are some updates as of today

SUMMER WORKSHOPS with JudyIrene of Celtic Spiral Designs

MAY WORKSHOPS (8 spaces left)
May 26th at Vortex Yarns in Taos, NM 
Hours: 10am - 4:30pm
Date: May 26th
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small Ashford frame loom you'll take home
Close up of textures 
close up of student weaving being taken off loom


Workshop weaving on a circle loom which becomes part of finished wall hanging

Close ups

Details from another wall hanging...

Saturday July 7th (OHIO)
Possibility of a Friday workshop upon request
**Workshops are usually max of 10 students
Project: Woven Circle Wall Hanging

1 workshop in Columbus, OH 
Sew to Speak & Yarn Shoppe
752 High St, Columbus, OH 43085
Hours: 10am-5pm
Date: July 7th
(9 Spaces left as of 5/5/18)
sign up here

Santa Fe, New Mexico Workshops

in July & August 2018

Ashford loom you will take home to continue your adventures in weaving!
close ups of textures... soumak, plain, basket and rya knots.  

removing from loom!  

Saturday July 21st

Aldea Plaza Village
Aldea Plaza Community Center
3 Nuevo Milenio, Santa Fe, NM 87507
10 spaces available
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Ever wanted to learn Whats so awesome about Weaving?  Look no further. 
Come and Join the fun to see why weaving is taking the world by storm.  
Join us for an evening of fiber fun from 6-8pm

I Promise you will have a BLAST and want to continue to delve even deeper into the addition of WEAVING... 

You can continue your exploration into free style tapestry weaving by signing up for Woven Textures Workshop on July 28th in a 6.5 hour workshop.  
You will wonder why you didn't start sooner.    

Saturday July 28th

Aldea Plaza Village
Aldea Plaza community Center
3 Nuevo Milenio, Santa Fe, NM 87507
10 spaces available
Sign up here

AUGUST Workshops

Tassel Making activity

AUGUST 3rd & 4th (NM)

2 day workshop Weaving on Large Ashford Loom with luscious wool roving and more
Aldea Plaza Village
Aldea Plaza Community Center
3 Nuevo Milenio, Santa Fe, NM  87507
10 spaces available
sign up here

With the two day workshop, students shall have time to delve into their exploration of various weaving techniques for textures and have a relaxed journey with an bonus session on how to create tassels for use in their woven art pieces.  This workshop is suitable for both beginners and intermediate weavers.  So sign up and join us in August for an amazing inspiring 2 days with like minded creatives who are also FIBER ADDICTS.  

What else can you do with all those yarns, fabric strips and wool laying around the home? WEAVE A GORGEOUS Wall HANGING that is sure to attract attention from your guests.

If you're lucky enough to sign up for this workshop you can enjoy the scenery of the land of Enchantment.  On the Plaza, there is a space for working outdoors if so desired with the sounds of a water foundation bubbling away.  

You can sign up for any of the workshops here

one day woven textures workshops is $170
3 hour Intro to weaving in Santa Fe is $40
one day circle weaving workshop in OHIO is $140
2 day woven textures workshop is $340

for more information on what is included in the workshop go to the workshop page

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