Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Hey Y'all I'll be back this Sunday at the Santa Fe Railyard's Artisan Market

California Dreaming...

 Its been a wonderful two weeks break while exploring the California coast for new ideas for future works.  Its been a trip that provided an unexpected break from warm temperatures as it was a cool 50-65 F with some light rain showers and FOG... That's my favorite as the views were amazing.. Here are some photos... 

buster... little cattle dog lol

my companion for 5 days in the Bay area...  Love ya Pearl

my Matcha Latte... no caffine which was a surprise for me

two of my bros cattle roaming free... and gawking at what a picture yours truly presented

view from the foothills high above.. Love views like these.
Cause they have TONS OF CLOUDS... 

driving towards the coast... the winding roads are the best

blooming flowers near the beach

aah the SURF

I am currently resting up and will be working on several new projects in the upcoming weeks which you are sure to see if you visit the Sunday Market.  

The recent market day photos as promised... 

Organic Spiral Wall Hanging... you can purchase here   or if still available by Sunday at the market 

Entrance to Judy Irene Harney's Booth.. Still no banner for the business "Celtic Spiral Designs" so till then look for Judy Irene Harney's booth

view of the back of booth

Entrance with light sage green textile backdrop

Hope to see y'all there. 

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