Wednesday, March 11, 2015

APRONS overload..,

What an Amazing Weekend!   Made 16 apron fronts to be sewn up to make 8 reversible aprons.   Here's a peek of the 16 fronts....

A gorgeous architecture Zentangle fabric with gorgeous rich red "painterly" texture for pocket!  Love this combination!
I scored with these fabrics.... In LOvE

Flying Geese pocket with a geometric design border on a line drawing of clouds !  SWEET!  

Here is a butterfly pocket with a gorgeous border giving it a distressed vibe.  Background fabric is chocolate with green circles!  Yummy.   (Can I say that?)  YES of course I can

Gold fabric with cream dots in the main body of the apron with Marvel Comic book covers with a FAB blue world border pocket.  Pop Art meets Marvel!

Another super hero "Spider-Man" sharing space with a warm yellow block.  Pocket design has a geometric fabric that brings the feel of high rises in the metro city.  Border by strips of pop art gold and solid black.

Another Claude Monet apron... ( I just love this design). Three works of monet's from his Giverny residence in the country.  Two of which do double duty as pockets.  Don't you just love that idea?  I do...
Background fabric is gray distressed botany design and borders framing the art is a green botany print.  

This takes me back to charcoal observational drawing sessions as well as watercolor painting using tints!  Great idea to teach "value" & "shading".

Photography and travel meld beautifully with an antique flair with this old world map collage with an pen and ink illustration of old film cameras.  Thus is one of my favorites due to my old days as a photo major at RIT.  Got my first antique rolliflex camera whe on spring break in Placid Lake, NY while window shopping.  Addicted to collecting cameras that now numbers 83!  Crazy much?

Ever played the license plate game as a kid??  No??? Want to play?  Why yes thank you.  Rule of game was to shout out "I Spy New York" Or "California".  You could also write out a list of how many times you see a California license then do a survey of how many you see on route 70 in say Colorado or TExas.  It's a fun and easy game. Keeps the skills sharp as a tack. And of course cameras.  Printed on linen and this particular fabric was imported from Japan. Seriously In in love with Japan's fabric collection.  Seriously gorgeous textiles. Uhhm. Moving on... 

White Polka dots on silvery gray cotton with a fabulous chocolate mint circle print of main pocket bordered on top with a black and white line drawings of circles and vertical lines.  (In love much?  Can't get enough)

Marvel comics fabric main body of apron with a bold black and white geometric design topped by solid black border at top of pocket. "Bloody Fantastic"!

More pics of the progress of selecting the fabrics and sewing up the front panels. 

One of my earlier reversible spring from last week!  Car license plates on this side and STAR WARS on the other side.  Will post updates once all reversible aprons are completed.

Chat later...

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