Monday, June 4, 2018

Fantastic Sunday Market

The Best is yet to come...

June 3rd was a rare day in Santa Fe with thunderstorms and tons of rain fall and it was so nice!   Especially the breeze that arrived with cool air and fresh scent of moisture as many national parks have a ban on fire but also over 80 park closures due to fire danger so it was a rare treasure to receive a blessing of rain.  

Sunday started at six in the morning for me as the sun first peeked into the window probably debating whether or not to wake its sleeping human. However, this human was already wired to wake up just to attend the Market downtown.  

Some images from quarter of an hour before setting up at the Artisan Market at the Santa Fe Farmers Market building.  The clouds are dreamy ain't they?  

Sky Coffee location in the RailYard... 
The day they opened was the happiest day since Now GREAT Awesome Latte's can be found nearby.
This is were the morning latte was bought a week ago. 

Santa Fe Railyard's  movie theatre the "CROWN" across from the Market location. 
Its interesting that its been 10 years since Santa Fe Railyard was first developed as well as the year I first relocated to Santa Fe from Oregon in 2008.

Setting up that morning was a breeze compared to the first four times.  The prior night I sewn up my backdrop for the grid panels so it'll save time and boy did it ever.  I'm counting my blessings that through hardship learning experiences happen which provides an opportunity to grow and learn.  What did I learn? you may ask.. a new method of setting up the show which improved the overall feel but aided in the ease of take down. 

Current work in progress... Icelandic Sheep Portrait
Did some work on this weaving then unwoven the head as the shape and form wasn't working out as I hoped.  
Mini Woven Art in progress.  Really loving how these babies are turning out!

details of textures
Market Booth... 

Artist Showcase... 

Last Sunday I showcased a fellow artist Mayte and her jewelry collection.  
This week my neighbor and fellow artist is Kathy Morsell, a potter from Northern New Mexico. 

gorgeous platter with is organic form and the carved details

Kathy Morsell is the artist behind Black Storm Sunshine Pottery. 
The works are outstanding with its organic shapes and the carving of details is just timeless. 

All her pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe so you can use them safely.  

The platters and bowls are amazing and its on my list to acquire one of her pieces or two for my ceramic collection.  

Just obsessed with these details.. feels somewhat like a piece of textiles but created with clay
Will never get tired of checking these pieces out. 

bottom of platter with her signature mark

Her body of work in foreground with woven tapestries of yours truly in the background.  Its framed so nicely.

These lovely flowers from Kathy's garden came home with me today... 


3rd Quarter Dates for Sunday's Artist Market @ Santa Fe Railyard 

June 10th
June 24th
July 15th
July 22nd
August 5th
August 19th
September 2nd
September 16th
September 30th
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