Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ohio workshop starts soon!

Countdown commences... 90 minutes till Fiber Fun with Circles begins

The days leading up to Woven Textures with Circles has been slow and chaotic.  Running here and there from a 2 day trip to upstate New York for the 50th Anniversary of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology and back to central ohio would have you whirling around with a dizzy state of mind like mine.  

Whoa..  It was lovely seeing my works on the walls at Dyer Arts Gallery and now soon will start the 2nd weaving workshop in Ohio within a year in Old Worthington Village at the loveliest shop Sew to Speak & Yarn.  So excited and can't wait to share the love of weaving.  WEaving with a circle loom is somewhat different and I've taught young students at age 6 to weave with circles so it'll be a nice changeup.  

See ya all back here within 24 hours with the deets on the results of the workshop.  Can't wait to see how these talented individuals take on circle weaving with TONS of textures.  

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