Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dongdaemun Market


first trip with family & friends to check out the market and all the city of Seoul has to offer
For me its the hunt for all things fabric & wool rovings
Family & friends... Easter offerings for the kids as it was Easter the next morning

This first time at the market was chaos and busy... every one of us had a different agenda and we all managed to take turns going where we wanted to go.  Along the way, some selfies and street foods made our day more FUN...

  Treasure No. 1:  Heunginjimun

East gate of the capital city of Seoul and was built in 1398 (7th year of King Taejo's reign) The current Heunginjimun was rebuilt in 1869 (6th year of King Gojong's reign)

 The Niece and I with friend of family...

Trip #2 to Dongdaemun Market... 

SOLO trip for more fabric... for self and other self-obsessed textile lovers

April 21st, 2015

Dongdaemun Fabric Market: Take 3

This third trip was taken after recovering from a broken toe... the first broken bone in me life. 
(It was my reward for recovering well and doing the walking exercises)

It has really bloomed by the 3rd trip to Dongdaemun Market which is next door to Marriott Hotel.  The hotel has a gorgeous garden with a variety of flowering plants so be sure to take some time out to enjoy a refreshing drink on their patio and soak in the fragrance.

The following photographs are from the third trip to the Market and so far have explored half of the B1 level where crafts supplies are located, 4th floor with the fabric vendors and I discovered some really gorgeous printed linen fabrics at a vendor or two or three.  As I'm here in South Korea, supporting the Korean artists, and textile community is important to me.

The people in the market were very helpful and you can find some deals if you take the time to "shop" around.  Which I did and found some really beautiful textiles in places I didn't expect.  So spread your time out over a few visits so you're not overwhelmed and can enjoy the hustle and bustle that is Dongdaemun Market.

My "finds"

 These here dolls are adorable.. Just wish I knew how to crochet!  The vendor doesn't sell these, they are samples for classes she offers to teach you how to crochet and create these adorable dolls.  If I had more time I'd do it.  I just love these cute rabbit couple... LOVE LOVE!!! 
 And aren't these elves also adorable as heck??  I think they are on vacation from the north pole helping out this artist by modeling... You think?

 These fabric samples are from the 5th floor in the Designers area... Not sure whats what but it may be wholesale businesses for designers and such.  Wish I knew more...  Another time

 TOTS Adorbs... 5th floor for CRAFTS supplies like buttons, jewelry pieces, wool rovings, felt, notions and more for the crafter in you heart. 
 Pretty much all vendors booth you visit, you'll see samples they have made from the items they sell.  So say the vendor sells fabrics... they will have displayed a variety of bags and other products made from the fabrics for sale.  It gives a great idea and some prints are available in a variety of textiles... cotton, linen, vinyl coated, etc... you get the gist.

 Some Liberty Prints... wow... these are high quality and the prices reflect it.  In the states these fabrics can go for anywhere from $20-$50 a yard... here in Korea you order by the meter.  So you get a little over a yard.  Yay for me...

 Ahh... A nice refreshing drink of apple juice after all that hunting...

 On the Metro train going north... towards the house called home for a short time.
I love the rain texture on the window and gives me an idea for a printmaking project for the future... watercolor or stamps.. hmmm

Some of my fabric stash that was acquired...
Just love the sheep... all fabric designed and made in Korea.  

I LOVE exploring the Dongdaemun Market... If you go, try going early... like 7 or so in the morning. I arrived via Metro around noonish so it ensured that I missed the slower and less crowded market.

 Here's a link to the Dongdaemun Market in English

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