Monday, March 28, 2011

New Beginings of Transition

Celebrate the transitions life brings forth.

As we enter into the season of Spring which brings about rebirth and new beginings its only fit to give recognition to the symbols present that paraell my own life's changes. 

As the school year winds down on June 3rd, the start of my transition to a new begining is just getting underway.  After 10 years in the field of Art Education in both public schools and schools for the deaf, I'll be bidding K-12 teaching farewell. These years have been a minefield of learning experiences in how to address and teach students both hearing and deaf/HOH how to throw on the potter's wheel, to painting with watercolors, to sketching a live model, and to preparing them for the world outside their doors.  

My own personal life's path is moving towards a more rewarding path of fulltime artist in a relaxed environment where expressing my own vision.  I have long waited for the day and its time to grab ahold and fly with it.  

In the following weeks art works in a variety of mediums will be posted here to share my journey of my artistic adventures in kiln-glass, tapestry and ceramics.  

Ceramic Platter with carved designs in peacock blue slip.

Digital Photograph: Storming

Ceramic hand-built vase "Dragonfly"

Ceramic "Quilted Pear"

Tapestry "New Mexico"

Ceramic hand-built cup

Kiln-glass "Creek"
Any feedback would be appreciated.   

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